On Orbits


If someone were to ask of

The return from Saturn

What would I say?

I would tell of driving through the vein of the continental divide

Every book 

Every dress I possessed

inside backpacks and plastic totes

And Paul Simon singing of a land where we never fall from grace

And the crack of my heart breaking

Is loud enough to shock my lungs

 and heavy enough to steer the white Subaru to the reservoir pull out 

To stare into the blue waters

Collecting cold courage 

To move on

I would tell of the weeks of dirt and questions 

Days in the screaming silence of Joshua tree

And how my bald tires and 

waning bank accounts

Pushed my frenzied mind to rash decisions of never returning to anywhere

And how my heart whispered ‘hold on-decompress in a safer place’-

And my fear and ego flung forward 

Further west

Into a glittering sea

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