meltdown maneuvering in magic


Sun splinters my eyes over the granite and lichen speckles.

a patient pair of green eyes from above my shaking limbs hold a quiet sense of unrushed reserves.

Below us on an adjacent route are two middle aged warriors, allowing my erratic attempts at the traverse manageable


I got it..I repeated. My mind says go further, while eyes panic at the thought to leave the safety of the crack that my purple shoes rest inside.

Jill. Fucking move.

You will be okay. He’s got you, and you have this.

A few small moves get my body situated over the slab, and the next 10 meters or so are an easy spider climb.

Clip in to the anchor bolts. breathe. Kiss his sweaty face.

Crack a celebratory beer and feel the heat of the wide Texas hill country.

What a drive to the dome.

Small mental summits are the secret, I’m slowly learning.




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