On the exhale make an aaaahh and other Woo woos.



There is a thing that I like to do when my brain is approaching burnout mode.

It happens when the overheated phone in my mindless scrolling mingles with the pressure of paying bills, calling that relative back, and walking the dog that stares with his innocent and ever-needy brown eyes.

How do we prioritize what is truly important in order to find that inner…exhale?

Close your eyes. Place everything before you that you feel defines who you are. Who you IS.

Then wipe the shit clean.

Look at that blank page.

What matters to you? Write down WHO matters to you.

Write in the things that make you feel alive. Raw.

Write down what your perfect day would look like.

Take a look at that list. It slowly becomes a bit easier to face the steps

…to have more of it.

We remember. We remember the good stuff. The marrow.

We catalogue those moments where it happened. Where everything clicked.

When your hard work and extra pushed actually lifted you out of a hole. Whether it was self-made or dug out by circumstance.

When you stay up giggling in bed on a Monday night in sweatpants and full bellies of Pho, blissfully unconcerned about Tuesday’s deadlines, emails, and to-do’s. Because in that moment the sheets are so goddam soft, and you lover’s lips are smiling at you in the glow of that cute salt-rock lamp.

Snowboard slicing through the treeline runs .

Dancing in a crowd of the faces and friends you love, to the music you love, when time freezes and you feel infinite.

Or when your breath lines up with your running shoes kicking up trail dirt and the muscles in your legs fall into that rhythmic groove of endorphin release.

We remember the heat of a sandy beach from long ago. The salty spray when we finally went out into the waves and got over that first rush of cold on our belly buttons. when we tried surfing and failed miserably but our ribs hurt from laughing.

Place them on a higher plain.

This is what we do the grunt work for. This is what we trudge out into the days filled with bartending, waitressing, desk jobs, deadlines, and meetings, dog hair in our toothpaste, messy periods, missed bills…

to build up the gratitude for those moments when we are aware of our impermanence.

Aware of how fucking special it is to be alive. To just be standing here on this dirty and forgiving ground.

Working, sweating, dancing and loving.


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