I suppose its a good thing that I studied diverse and strange subjects in all those years of school. Now I have something to write about.

I think that it is necessary to be aware and take note of the skills you’ll need in each environment.

In Colorado I learned-that you can rent a chainsaw for a day and buy a permit from the forest service for ten dollars and haul enough wood in the back of a friend’s truck to keep you warm through the dark and clear cold nights of December.

In Oregon I learned how to pack a survival kit, how to chew yarrow from the river bank and stick in onto an infection to save from scarring

How to climb sandstone, set an anchor, and work my way out of a panic attack when the bees nest next to the route is displeased. I learned how to take care of a dog and how to ride the light-rail. How to snowboard on ice. How to rip off a bruised toenail after summating Mt. St. Helen’s in winter.

In California I learned how a heart can crack with grace and hurt and still have room for more.

Last night I caught myself by surprise giddiness.

I did a quick, happy skip, smiling under the warm stars while Ryker sniffed the jasmine bushes. My legs felt strong and I felt more free than Ive ever been inside.

Something has broken in me the past couple weeks. A damn released and let out more of the good stuff that was hidden. I thought of my dear friend Scott and his easy stride, his raucous laugh.

I felt a small glimpse of that last night.

In me, a well of reserves.

My heart. My skills. My stories.

My own company.

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  1. I found your site through Poet’s Corner, and I am really enjoying your writing! You are also making me really miss Colorado! My husband and I lived there for 10 years. We have now been in Australia for 12. (I am an Aussie, he is American).
    Life truly moves at a scary pace. I honestly feel like I blinked and now we have been married for 21 years!
    And I am so glad for the travelling I have done, it is a fantastic education.
    I am also glad to stumble onto your site 🙂


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