Traffic on the Swell


I’ve been in the swell of newness these summer-turning-autumn weeks. California has an easy way of swinging casually and lazily into each season, and this shift has crept up like a full-feeling after a street taco.

Filled with the gratitude of generosity when my inside-out heart finally asks for it. However, there is more work to be done.



I need my own place.

I want to shut the world out, less obligatory Being. More space to breathe, easy breath filled with quiet.

There’s a deep love growing in me.. and also for me..that I cannot place in the rooms already built in my fortress. It is a new door.  A new way of seeing. Almost as if I stepped into a sort of Wonderland where things are not always what they seem. Most often not. ..And the glasses that I have worn for the films are not compatible with this new image. I’m going to need a bigger boat.

My mind stretched like jeans from the hot dryer. Tired, sighing, and with a tinge of a residual warmth and safety and a feeling of hope for each day…each new conversation.

This is a new terrain and I am drawing the map as I listen with humble ears to the dirt.


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